December Actions on Lesvos

It had been a huge step for the Circus Lesvos Project this December to come again with a team to support the circus activities with our partners on the spot. This time Leila & Thibault decided to move their family to Lesvos permanently and coordinate the project on the spot. We came with a bigger team including Karl, Claudia, Tomek and had support by our Greece circus trainers Marcella and Basil and also Calliopi.
We worked in the mornings with the kids at OneHappyFamily, collaborating with Medical Volunteers International and LeaveNoOneBehind. In the afternoon we offered activities for the young adults and multiplyers at Yoga & Sports. Beside this we were able to set up several strategic partnerships to support the futher development of the project: plannign activities in the local school, working strategically with volunteers supporting the other NGOs, looking together on long-term steps like setting up the circus tent.
we are very grateful for all the support we recieve on the spot and the helping hands, donations and motivation to make our dream of CIRCUS LESVIS come true

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